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Energy Healing / Bodywork

Integrative bodywork can be a valuable tool to relieve pain, assist with movement and promote energy flow in the body.  This kind of treatment can be beneficial for anyone who wants to bring ease and flow to any aspect of their life.


I was raised in the Pacific Northwest before spending 8 years on the East coast where I learned the foundations of my work, and fortunate enough to be in the presence of some incredible healers and teachers. I’ve specialized in the field of yoga, meditation, breath-work, movement, body-work, energy-work and western archetypal/evolutionary (modern) and hellenistic (classical) astrology. I currently live in San Diego and attend Pacific College of Health and Science, adding more bodywork tools to my repertoire. I teach a wide array of workshops and classes and work with folks one on one in person and now virtually. I also serve as assistant teacher for Veronica Dornsmith’s Astrology School.

Mike Ryan

Benefits of Integrated Bodywork

  • Boost the immune system and white blood cell count - the body receives bodywork as a form which micro-trauma which recruits these cells into the bloodstream. Certain practices are also done to loosen and discharge phlegm in the respiratory tract.

  • Reduce pain and swelling bringing oxygen and nutrients to tissues and discharging lactic acid, histamines and other waste proteins from toxic overload, built up stress, or physical over-work.

  • Increase blood circulation and cardiovascular health through the manual stroking of venous blood back to the heart, increasing the number red cell platelets and blood flow to vital organ systems.

  • Lowers blood pressure - through the natural dilation of blood vessels, a key benefit from bodywork sessions.

  • Improve digestion - through clockwise palpation of the intestinal region, releasing constipation and gaseous build up. This also can increase urine output, eliminating metabolic following hands on stomach techniques.

  • Release of emotional pain - by decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity, allowing the body and mind to truly relax and let go, soothing the nervous system.

  • Improve relaxation and self esteem - by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and inducing delta brainwave activity, naturally decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels with other benefits such as improved sleep and less anxiety.

  • Increase lymphatic flow - with over 700 lymph nodes in the body, it’s easy for clusters to form and illness and inflammation to preside if lymph flow is not properly facilitated in the body.

  • Improve posture and flexibility - elongating contracted tissue and freeing fascial constrictions, promoting neuromuscular reeducation and decreasing the risk of muscular atrophy.

  • Improves the skin’s texture and tone through a natural increase in sebum production, nature’s antibacterial and antidote to dryness.

  • Improves energy levels - fatigue is improved by flushing out toxic waste through hands on work

  • Aids in the reversal of PTSD - as well as other psychological disorders


If you’ve been questioning your life and the world you live in, an astrology reading may be just what you need. Whether you’re feeling stuck and frustrated or gearing up to take your next big leap in life, you can benefit from a professional reading.

Astrology is a tool to make sense of life. Written astrological texts date back roughly 2,500 years, where great philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Manilius, Socrates, Porphyry, Valens and more all sought to master the art.

Astrology readings are only possible through thorough examination of a natal chart. To obtain a natal chart, one must know their exact birth time, date, and location of birth.  Your natal chart depicts the moment you took your first breath here on Earth. The planets were uniquely aligned in that moment giving off a vibration that has been stamped into your physical existence. This snapshot known as your natal chart provides pertinent information regarding your incarnation here on Earth. Your chart reflects specific areas of your karma including your general psychological/personality structure and behavioral and emotional patterning. Information regarding home and family, romance, health, career and finances are presented in your chart as well, among others. We then look at transits in order to determine which areas of life are being, or will be, activated.


Transits reflect your life journey in real time. It’s here we forecast your personal astrological weather in depth for the short and long term. Transits are the tracking of real time planets in the sky and are examined in comparison to the fixity of the planets in your natal chart. Transits tell us a story of which natal energies will be activated, for how long, and how intensely. Transits aid in the navigation of real time energies and help us make sense of our reality and feel more connected to life. Transit help us mentally and emotionally prepare for the approach of various life themes. Transits are also ideal for planning moves and relocations, transitions of any kind, nailing down important dates such as weddings and land or business acquisitions, and contract signing.


One beautiful thing about astrology is it allows one to bridge the gap between the material and the esoteric dimensions of our reality, making astrology one of the finer, more accurate and pragmatic occult practices known to man. It’s the language of life, one that humans have learned to put words to. 


In my practice, I utilize different branches of astrology; from hellenistic (classical) to evolutionary (modern). I tie in greek mythology, Jungian psychology concepts, traditional yoga, Ayurveda and Taoist philosophy to offer a more holistic approach. My training in other areas of spirituality and wellness contribute greatly to the readings I offer.

See below for my astrological offerings. These consults can bring you tremendous clarity and feelings of empowerment.

Types of astrological consultations I offer:

  • Comprehensive Natal Chart - Ideal for all levels. Whether this is your first-ever reading or if you’re an astrology buff, this is where we begin - your inner wiring, your soul mission, and a peak at your current transits. I will always adjust the reading to your level of astrological understanding. Please come prepared with whatever questions you may have.

  • Current Transits and Progressions - Here we go fully into the “real time” energies that influence your actions and behaviors. We will examine current retrogrades, progressions, annual perfections and more. I will provide a range of specific dates to address various concerns, so come prepared with a notepad and pen.

  • Romantic Compatibility - For couples interested or concerned regarding their relationship with one another as well as their natural gifts and hinderances when it comes to love and/or sex. This is very useful for couples as they continue to grow with one another and understand their purpose together. Also ideal for business partnerships, friendships, family relationships, and those beginning in or interested in a new relationship.

*each consultation is preceded by 1-2 hours of prep and calculations

Astrological consultations are for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck and/or frustrated in life and need clarity and a sense of direction.

  • You want to make sense of your suffering and empower yourself through it.

  • You wish to develop more trust for the unknown.

  • You seek guidance and support with your relationship, work, home life, or other. 

  • You feel you were placed on Earth for a reason, but you’re unsure what that is and why you’re here.

  • You believe in a higher power and wish to explore that within yourself.

  • You have any doubt whatsoever that celestial activity has an impact on your life.